If you aspire to market your small business effectively and efficiently, you’re in the right place!

SolFusion helps passionate, driven female entrepreneurs by taking the mystery out of WordPress and marketing without breaking the bank or wasting their limited time.

Our focus is on the core components of integrating your marketing, including WordPress, Email Marketing, Keyword Research / Content Strategy, Social Media, and Analytics Рand meshing all of those pieces together so you have a cohesive strategy.

Persistence and many hours of research have paid off in a lot of trial and error over the years. SolFusion can help shorten your learning curve by providing concise, no nonsense tips to help you push your business forward efficiently.


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SolFusion’s founder, Sherri Kesinger, has been working in marketing for over 15 years. Always learning, testing and looking for the best and most efficient ways to help small business owners put their marketing components together.

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