A frequent comment from many small business owners is: “I don’t know what content I should be sharing on my social media business pages.”

You know when cooking recipes call for a dash of this, or a pinch of that? Think of content sharing the same way.

A variety of content is key to keeping your audience engaged and making your (sharing) life easier. If you put some creativity and fun into it, you’ll have a running list of things to share in no time.

Drive Site Traffic

When possible, turn the content into a blog post (or video post). Then you can use the post url on social media, ultimately driving people to your site where they can read the full post, learn more about you, sign up for emails and contact you directly (this process is referred to as a link wheel).

Engage on Social Sites

In between sharing your on-site content, use smaller snippets of items for engagement and interaction on the social platforms where your potential clients hang out.

See below for a little blogging & content sharing inspiration!

80% of your content shared should be helpful, informative, fun, positive, educational etc.:

  • Motivational quotes
  • Fun facts
  • Helpful tips
  • Short quizzes (try SurveyMonkey!)
  • Links to informative industry articles

20% of content shared should be pitching your own business:

  • Special offer
  • Email sign up
  • Company award or recognition
  • Company news (press coverage, etc)
  • Request for support (such as Kickstarter campaigns)
  • Request for reviews (Google, Yelp, etc)

Share Away

To make content sharing easier (& to pick and choose what to share to each platform in one place, vs. logging into each one individually), use BufferApp. Buffer is free (how can you go wrong with free?) for up to 5 social accounts and you can share immediately, schedule as you like, or let Buffer decide when to post. Add the Buffer browser extension for easy sharing on laptop / desktop. You can also add a Buffer app on your pad or phone for quick content sharing on the go.

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